Update! As of July 12, 2021, in order to best serve the clients I am currently working with, I am placing a pause on accepting new clients. There are two exceptions to this. I am accepting new clients by referral from Lotus of Life Chiropractic, where my office is located. I am also accepting any new clients seeking Oncology Massage Therapy, with or without a referral. I will revisit this policy in the late fall, and regularly thereafter, to make sure it is still the right choice. For more info about this, please see this post.


How can massage therapy help you?


A lot of people think about massage as a luxury service. The truth is, it's an investment in your health and quality of life. Research suggests that receiving regular massage therapy can help with a wide variety of conditions and symptoms. Here are some of the ways I may be able to specifically help you using massage therapy:

  • Reduce anxiety and symptoms of GAD

  • Reduce symptoms of depression

  • Improve sleep and stress-related insomnia

  • Reduce chronic pain and other symptoms associated with autoimmune conditions

  • Reduce swelling and inflammation

  • Relieve sinus pressure and related symptoms

  • Relieve muscle tension and soft tissue strains

  • Reduce nausea, fatigue, and other symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment

I work with all types of individuals. Each massage or lymphatic session is customized to you. Whether you need pain relief, recovery, or relaxation, I've got you covered. My work has often been described as slow, specific, thoughtful, and relaxing. 

Have more questions? Still not sure if massage is right for you? Get in touch, or check out my blog!

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