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"Liz truly has a gift. She is thoughtful, considerate, creative, and gentle. A true healer."




"I highly recommend Liz Jester for lymph drainage after surgery.  I saw her about two weeks after having had a hematoma (complication) after having undergone surgery.  The front of my neck was very swollen and bruised but I immediately felt relief and like things were moving after she did lymphatic drainage massage.  And because she worked other areas to encourage lymph movement, I felt so much better in my body after the first and subsequent visits.  She is kind, professional, has a therapeutic touch, and I got great results."

-Jessica Z.

"My mother is a massage therapist, so I've been receiving massage pretty much my entire life. I know good massage when I experience it, and Liz truly has a gift. She is thoughtful, considerate, creative, and gentle. A true healer. I have serious low back instability and pain, and she was able to work with my physical issues to give me one of the best bodywork sessions I've had in years."

-Amrit K.


"I couldn't have asked for a more relaxing, beneficial, and safe experience! Liz made sure to confer with me before she began to determine what specific areas needed attention. She checked in to see how I was liking the pressure she applied, made subtle adjustments, and her hands were very sensitive to what was happening in my body. I could feel genuine care in her touch. She was friendly and warm without being intrusive, and she created a welcoming, peaceful space. I am still glowing! I will definitely be back, and recommend her most highly!"

-Amy L.

"Liz is professional and approachable, and really addresses your pain and 'problem areas' in a therapeutic and wholistic way. As a PT, I appreciate when massage therapists help patients make valuable suggestions (stretches, postural changes, etc.) after assessment and Liz had great insight in doing this. Really great massage and worth every penny!"

-Katie M.

"I am a Massage Therapist and very careful about choosing bodyworkers. I have received Massage Therapy treatments from Liz several times and am very impressed with her knowledge, skill, and her warm and welcoming presence. I have also referred several people to her for work. I highly recommend Liz for traditional massage for pain management as well as lymphatic and oncology work."

-Gail C.

"I have been to several massage therapists and I can assure you that Liz is the real deal. She is knowledgeable, caring but best of all I felt great when I got off of the table. I am a healthcare provider and I would recommend Liz to anyone who is in need of soft tissue therapy."

-Randy C.

"I’ve been treating with Liz for quite some time and she is amazing. She cares for her clients concerns and has healing hands. I always feel comfortable with her and leave her feeling better. Thank you for treating me!"

-Dimple V.

"Liz was incredibly attentive and well-informed on what my body needed. She listened to my concerns and worked with me to feel comfortable and at ease. I can't recommend her enough to anyone looking to work with someone who has knowledge in speciality massages for targeted needs."

-Bilan A.

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