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Not accepting new clients (with two exceptions)

It has been a wonderful few years of running my own massage practice. I remember the uncertainty of that first six months, and the excitement every time a new client scheduled with me. It has been a pleasure to work with each and every person who has come through my doors.

Now, nearly three years later, I am booked out almost two months in advance, and am very grateful to have become so busy. However, it has become increasingly difficult to get clients in when they really need or want to schedule an appointment. I wish I could say yes to every new client who requests to work with me, but at this time, I have decided to focus on making sure I am accessible and providing excellent care to clients who I currently and have previously worked with.

Because of this, as of Tuesday, July 13, 2021, I am no longer accepting new clients. I do have two exceptions to this current rule: I am still going to accept clients by referral from Lotus of Life Chiropractic. This is because my office is located within Lotus of Life, and I have a collaborative relationship with their practice. It is beneficial for clients to have a care team working together under one roof, so I will continue to accept Lotus of Life participants as new clients.

Additionally, I will also accept any new client undergoing cancer treatment, who would like to receive oncology massage therapy.

I will revisit this policy in the late fall, to determine whether it is still the best choice for all.

Finally, for those of you looking for great massage therapy, I can recommend a few therapists to you:

Mimi Percell, at Be Well With Ease in downtown Decatur: she is certified in manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), and she also does traditional therapeutic massage.

Renee Trawny at Papillon Wellness and Massage Therapy in Buckhead: she is also certified in MLD, and does traditional therapeutic massage, too.

Both of these women are phenomenal, and have great reputations and lots of experience. I am certain you will enjoy working with them, should you book a session with them.

Thank you! In health,

Liz Jester, LMT, CMLDT

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