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Lymphatic Drainage during Cold, Flu, and Sinus Season

As winter approaches and cold weather rolls in, so do all of our favorite illnesses. The flu and common cold love the winter, and can often lead to sinus inflammation and infections. You actually have lymphatic vessels that drain directly from your sinuses, and receiving Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) can significantly relieve sinus pressure and lingering symptoms of colds and flu, like congestion, stuffiness, and post-nasal drip.

MLD of the head, neck and face uses gentle downward pressure and rhythmic movements to draw stagnant fluid out of the sinuses. An MLD practitioner will work the specific lymphatic pathways that connect to various sinus points.

The results are typically immediate, and can often be felt during the session and directly afterwards. How long the results last depends on a lot of factors. If you experience chronic sinusitis or chronic respiratory or sinus-related sickness, more than one session will be needed to create sustainable results.

For people who are sick with the cold or flu, please wait until the acute stage of the infection passes and you are no longer contagious before coming in. This is both to prevent spreading the cold or flu, and to avoid overtaxing your body when it is already working hard to fight off an infection. The best time to come in is when you are no longer sick, but still dealing with lingering symptoms, like congestion and post-nasal drip.

Still have more questions about MLD and how it can help with your specific situation? Contact me, or comment below. Or, you can go ahead and schedule an MLD session with me to start getting relief.

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